9 days post amputation

Here we are, 9 days post amputation.

I think Chloe had another good day. She was being a pain in the butt, licking the air a bunch tonight, and panting a bit. She is resting fine now, and the licking and panting is an old occasional habit of hers, so I’m hoping that is all it was. Looking, listening, worried that I’m missing a sign

She must have been feeling strong today – Joe reports that he walked away halfway thru changing our sheets and she jumped up on the bed in his absence! She’s not allowed on our bed often, and it’s pretty high off the ground. Naughty Bear!

She got some sunshine without the cone, but once she came back inside, she tried to lick her stitches. So, back on it went!





We are hanging in there. This evening felt like a challenge, so hoping for a better tomorrow.

It was a good night!

Chloe had a really good night last night. So great, that we slept through our alarm to give her 2 am dose of Tramadol, and she slept thru it as well! BIG oops. But, she didn’t seem to miss that dose this morning. We are going to try decreasing her pills, to 2 Tramadol every 6 hours, and see if that still works well.

I’m back at work today, but my husband Joe is home with her – I told him I needed pictures today! I snapped this quick one as she was seeing me out the door at 6:45 am.


See how great she looks?! Her skin looks much less inflamed around her incision/stitches. So proud of this girl. We can tell her muscles are tired by the end of the day, but no one could have ever convinced me that she’d be doing this great, 8 days post amputation. They truly are amazing animals.

Life lesson number 1: Be More Dog.

One week

One week! It’s gone by quickly, yet not at all.

Our Chloe-Bear is doing so great. Last night was another good one. Pain was managed, and she didn’t yelp out once. She had no anxiety attacks and slept most the night – two potty breaks. Her amp site looks to be calming down – it doesn’t look as bruised, the skin tone is evening out, and there is very little fluid build up. Amazing!

She is still a little picky with her food, so we are doing 1 cup of kibble (soaked in broth) with 1 can of wet food, and she’s leaving a little in the bowl each meal. She has started to get very picky about her treats/meds, so we’ve had to break out the cream cheese & braunschweiger. Yuck! We have fed her a limited ingredient potato & duck kibble for most of her life with great success and very few stinky Boxer toots, but with all the “junk food” she’s been eating post-amp, the toots are burning our eyes!

My dad stopped by unexpected, and Chloe happily wagged her nub for him. She even kidney beaned! Jenson got over excited and smushed into her amp site, which did give her some pain. I’m impressed with her, though, she recovers so fast from those painful moments and goes right back to being her happy self.

Our house was a little chaotic today – both of our kids were home sick, and our dishwasher recently broke but the new one was delivered today. She barked and wagged her nub for the delivery guys, and tried to “help” Joe work on the installation. She handled the excitement like a pro, though. Joe picked up a second dog bed at Costco because Jenson has started to bed hog. I did see her curl up tight today – first time since surgery.

I will be back at work tomorrow, but Joe will be home with the dogs (and the kids, who still had fevers today). Hoping for another day like today! Woof!!


Day 6 – high paws!

Day 6 – high paws!

Last night was so much better. Was it because we removed the fentanyl patch? Because of the essential oils? Because we are just one day further into healing? I don’t know, but I feel relieved. Our entire house needed the sleep we got last night. Chloe yelped out in (phantom?) pain once, and went out to potty twice. She had her overnight meds as scheduled, but all in all a really great night.

Today has been mostly good. Her appetite is improving – she ate two full meals at her normal time. Meals were half kibble (softened with chicken broth) and canned food. I hope we can slowly transition to kibble only over the next week.


Mobility has improved a little bit more, and once again Chloe tried to push the boundaries by attempting to climb up on the couch. She has been a little needy, wanting to sit right next to us at inconvenient times – like when I tried to wash dishes and again when I was chopping veggies. Small price to pay, though. We are so glad to have seen some improvement today!

Day 5

Tonight wraps up day 5 with our new Tripawd.

The fourth night, into our fifth day was another tough one. She whined and panted all night, with a few yelps from what I assume is phantom pain. We didn’t sleep at all, and felt very discouraged this morning.

Chloe’s vet visit went well today. We all agreed that removing the fentanyl patch was the best first step. We are hoping that without it, she has less symptoms of anxiety. Her pain seems well managed during the day, and there were no missed doses overnight. It seemed like the overnight unrest was anxiety driven, not pain driven. We hope the absence of fentanyl helps. If she still seems anxious on Monday, we are going to discuss it with the vet then.

Her fluid build up is minimal, and the stinker jumped up on our three year old’s bed tonight!! Not an approved activity, that’s for sure. Her spirits, appetite, and physical ability showed some improvement today. I only hope that she has a good night of rest.

We added a dose of Benadryl tonight, hoping that helps her sleep. I also dropped some clove and lavender essential oils on the edge of her bedding, as a friend swears by that for pet anxiety. It can’t hurt! And as things are currently calm in the house, we are all tucked into bed. Alarms are set for her next dose of pain meds – hoping to sleep at least until then.