22 Days

I haven’t had much to update! Chloe is 22 days post-amp and honestly? It’s kind of like she’s been this way all along.


Spring is here and Chloe is l-o-v-i-n-g life. So many smells outside. Sunshine! Dirt! People walking by to bark at! She’s been running all over our yard – maybe too much? But she loves it and it’s hard to stop her. So far, no pain or other problems from her increased activity. She’s actually been pain meds free for a few days!

We have yet to try the stairs or the harness with her. We’ve been making do with blocking her in the kitchen when we are gone, but I think we need to fit her harness and give it a try.

Every day, just in awe of her. So inspirational!


17 days out

Chloe is 17 days post amputation and doing great! Her happy kidney bean nub wag is back in full force which is amazing! Such a great thing to see.

Her stitches were removed on Monday. She licked at that area tonight – my guess is that the little scabs are itchy. Experienced Tripawd parents, do I need to put the cone back on?

We are done with Rimadyl, and have a few more days left, tapering out the Gabapentin. She’s been taking 1-2 Tramadol a day. She’s been very comfortable!

She tried to sneak down the steps to our basement the other day. We aren’t ready for that, but she seemed eager. I believe our harness should be here tomorrow so maybe after that.

We found a local place that does physical therapy for dogs, so we are going to make an appointment and hopefully get a reimbursement from the Tripawds foundation. I meant to bookmark it, but forgot – we want to make a wobble platform for her to work out at home.


Things are just going really well. So proud of her strength and spirit!


Stitches are out!

Whoa!! Has it really been two weeks already?! Chloe’s stitches are out! Woof woof!

She has perked up considerably in the last few days. She RAN to the car this morning when we were on our way to the vet to have her stitches removed. Video here. She was so excited at the vet, greeting everyone with wiggles and kisses. So nice to see her back to normal.

We are still weaning off of the Gabapentin. She’s still taking 2 Tramadol every 8 hours but I think we can dial that back as well, and she’s got 2 days left with 1/2 Rimadyl 2x daily. She has a few scabs on her incision, that we expect to heal and fall off in their own time. She still occasionally yelps if something bumps her amp site – normally it’s just Jenson’s butt bumping into her. We are just back to living life as a dog!

No additional follow ups are scheduled with the vet – obviously we can call as needed. I am now in the research rehab phase of things – so I plan to spend some time on the Tripawds forum and blog posts about exercising and strengthening your Tripawd. Our harness is on it’s way – can’t wait to get that!





Chloe is starting to get her spark back. She ran across our yard to greet me, has been trying to sit on us and a few guests we’ve had over, and she perked up at the sound of a bunny under our deck tonight. Exciting!! It’s so nice to see glimmers of our Bear.

We left her alone today for the first time post-amputation. She and Jenson were gated in our kitchen for 2 hours and did fine.

Stitches come out tomorrow!

A nice start to the weekend

It’s a beautiful 56 degrees in Minneapolis today, and Chloe spent the morning laying outside in the sun! Feeling spoiled for February. (And nervous – I’m doing a Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics of Minnesota next weekend – I hope we still have ice on the lake!)


Chloe wanted to stand in my lap as soon as I sat down..


Expert at relaxation


Have to give Chloe’s fur-brother Jenson some love!


Mom, we hear something outside, and we need to BARK. Can we bark mom, can we?


We are still largely the same. Nothing new or major to report. Chloe seems to be doing really well! We might try to leave her home alone tomorrow for two hours so we can take the kids to swimming lessons. We’ll have to get creative with baby gates, but I think she might be ready as long as she can stay on our main level.