17 days out

Chloe is 17 days post amputation and doing great! Her happy kidney bean nub wag is back in full force which is amazing! Such a great thing to see.

Her stitches were removed on Monday. She licked at that area tonight – my guess is that the little scabs are itchy. Experienced Tripawd parents, do I need to put the cone back on?

We are done with Rimadyl, and have a few more days left, tapering out the Gabapentin. She’s been taking 1-2 Tramadol a day. She’s been very comfortable!

She tried to sneak down the steps to our basement the other day. We aren’t ready for that, but she seemed eager. I believe our harness should be here tomorrow so maybe after that.

We found a local place that does physical therapy for dogs, so we are going to make an appointment and hopefully get a reimbursement from the Tripawds foundation. I meant to bookmark it, but forgot – we want to make a wobble platform for her to work out at home.


Things are just going really well. So proud of her strength and spirit!


4 thoughts on “17 days out”

  1. I used a paste that had tumeric powder, Lecithin powder and coconut oil in it and applied it to Rams’s sutures when they were getting itchy. I left him in his cone for a few hours to let it settle and noticed that the next couple of days he wasn’t bothered by any itchiness at all. If you decide to use something like this though just be mindful that the tumeric stains so you just need a little bit of it.
    But so far I’ve found that this has worked really well.
    I kept the cone on Rams the next few nights after the sutures were removed. But I was also a little paranoid about infection and inflammation :S

    So happy to hear that she’s doing so well!! She’s a beautiful girl!

  2. You want to still be watching the licking. They can still make that area quite raw if they start licking so maybe to be on the safe side use the cone at least until the scabs are all healed. Glad to hear Chloe is doing well! You’ve come a long way give yourself a huge pat on the back!
    Linda, Ollie, Riley & Spirit Mighty Max

  3. So glad ro hear Chloe is doing well..and it only gets better!!

    And laying on her amp side already? Good sign it’s not bothering her.

    Fortunately my Happy Hannah didn’t scratch her incision, so I’m no help there.

    Keep these sweet photos a d good updates coming!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS…Just a thought. I’d get Chloe used to the harness and a good association with it, before you try the stairs. You don’t want her ro be fearful of the harness and associate it with the stairs. Make sense?

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