Stitches are out!

Whoa!! Has it really been two weeks already?! Chloe’s stitches are out! Woof woof!

She has perked up considerably in the last few days. She RAN to the car this morning when we were on our way to the vet to have her stitches removed. Video here. She was so excited at the vet, greeting everyone with wiggles and kisses. So nice to see her back to normal.

We are still weaning off of the Gabapentin. She’s still taking 2 Tramadol every 8 hours but I think we can dial that back as well, and she’s got 2 days left with 1/2 Rimadyl 2x daily. She has a few scabs on her incision, that we expect to heal and fall off in their own time. She still occasionally yelps if something bumps her amp site – normally it’s just Jenson’s butt bumping into her. We are just back to living life as a dog!

No additional follow ups are scheduled with the vet – obviously we can call as needed. I am now in the research rehab phase of things – so I plan to spend some time on the Tripawds forum and blog posts about exercising and strengthening your Tripawd. Our harness is on it’s way – can’t wait to get that!





Chloe is starting to get her spark back. She ran across our yard to greet me, has been trying to sit on us and a few guests we’ve had over, and she perked up at the sound of a bunny under our deck tonight. Exciting!! It’s so nice to see glimmers of our Bear.

We left her alone today for the first time post-amputation. She and Jenson were gated in our kitchen for 2 hours and did fine.

Stitches come out tomorrow!

A nice start to the weekend

It’s a beautiful 56 degrees in Minneapolis today, and Chloe spent the morning laying outside in the sun! Feeling spoiled for February. (And nervous – I’m doing a Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics of Minnesota next weekend – I hope we still have ice on the lake!)


Chloe wanted to stand in my lap as soon as I sat down..


Expert at relaxation


Have to give Chloe’s fur-brother Jenson some love!


Mom, we hear something outside, and we need to BARK. Can we bark mom, can we?


We are still largely the same. Nothing new or major to report. Chloe seems to be doing really well! We might try to leave her home alone tomorrow for two hours so we can take the kids to swimming lessons. We’ll have to get creative with baby gates, but I think she might be ready as long as she can stay on our main level.

Day 11

At day 11, no significant updates to report. Chloe is definitely showing signs of muscle fatigue/soreness at the end of each day but that is largely our only issue at the moment.

We’ve begun to taper the Gabapentin, she’s only getting the dose at night now. So far, so good. Her panting seems to occur in the evening, after getting her meds, and it’s not significant. I’ve read that panting can be a side effect from Tramadol, so I’m not too concerned. Chloe has always been a needy dog, so the panting and wanting to be by our side is also a semi-normal behavior for her.

A few people have asked how the kids are adapting. That is also going better than I expected! Ava, our 19 month old, doesn’t appear to be impacted at all. She hasn’t really noticed, doesn’t speak well enough to ask questions, and she still loves on her dogs just the same as before. We have not been allowing her to cuddle with the dogs, which is one of her favorite things to do, so that’s been our only impacts with her. We tried to explain a bit about what was going to happen, to Jack who is almost 3 1/2. Before Chloe came home, he just did not really seem to understand. When Chloe was gone for the procedure, he mentioned missing her and wishing she’d come home. Once Chloe came home, Jack gave her a good look, getting very close to her stitches. He said he was mad, that he wanted her to have 4 legs. We explained cheerfully but very to the point – that Chloe’s leg was sick, and the only way to help her be healthy was to have her leg taken off. We asked him how many legs he has, and then said “See!? Chloe still has one more than you!” which he thought was silly. He’s always been really sweet with our dogs, but now when she whines he tries to comfort her – “It’s ok, Bear-Bear. It’s ok.” The one thing that he has a hard time with, is when she’s yelped out in phantom pain. That scares both of the kids and makes them very upset. We spend equal time comforting Chloe and the kids when that happens. Jack is otherwise really great, and tells people very matter of fact “My dog was sick and had surgery! She has three legs now!”

We ordered our harness, and we go in on Monday to have the stitches removed! It’s going by so quickly. Hopefully once the stitches are out and we can fit the harness, we will try the stairs with her. I have a feeling she’ll do better than expected, but I don’t want her to overdo it.

Joe snapped this picture of Chloe out in the yard today. It’s a balmy 40 degrees in Minneapolis, and sunny. Of course, Chloe wants to be outside sitting in the sun. Yuck, the yard looks gross. We can’t wait for spring!


9 days post amputation

Here we are, 9 days post amputation.

I think Chloe had another good day. She was being a pain in the butt, licking the air a bunch tonight, and panting a bit. She is resting fine now, and the licking and panting is an old occasional habit of hers, so I’m hoping that is all it was. Looking, listening, worried that I’m missing a sign

She must have been feeling strong today – Joe reports that he walked away halfway thru changing our sheets and she jumped up on the bed in his absence! She’s not allowed on our bed often, and it’s pretty high off the ground. Naughty Bear!

She got some sunshine without the cone, but once she came back inside, she tried to lick her stitches. So, back on it went!





We are hanging in there. This evening felt like a challenge, so hoping for a better tomorrow.