9 days post amputation

Here we are, 9 days post amputation.

I think Chloe had another good day. She was being a pain in the butt, licking the air a bunch tonight, and panting a bit. She is resting fine now, and the licking and panting is an old occasional habit of hers, so I’m hoping that is all it was. Looking, listening, worried that I’m missing a sign

She must have been feeling strong today – Joe reports that he walked away halfway thru changing our sheets and she jumped up on the bed in his absence! She’s not allowed on our bed often, and it’s pretty high off the ground. Naughty Bear!

She got some sunshine without the cone, but once she came back inside, she tried to lick her stitches. So, back on it went!





We are hanging in there. This evening felt like a challenge, so hoping for a better tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “9 days post amputation”

  1. It’s very exhausting. The worry, the dog’s struggle, the guilt feelings of whether you did the right thing. Gets better every day. Relax. It’ll be alright.

  2. Look at that sweet photo! Now we need one of her sneaking up on the bed! Love this dog!!

    Maybe you can make a note of when Chloe starts panting. Is it towards the time before she’s due another pain pill? Is it soon after taking her pain pill?

    I was so lucky with Happy Hannah because she never bothered her stitches and didn’t have to wear the cone. I know that has to bug the heck out of dogs!

    For whatever it’s worth, I think at this point I was still doubting my decision and waiting for her sparkle to come back!

    Chloe will be back to normal before you know it!

    Love ro all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS..Joe’s changing the sheets?? He’s a keeper!

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