Stairs & Harness Business

Chloe’s first rehab/physical therapy appointment last Friday went really well. No real surprises – more to come later in the week about that!

The doctor encouraged us to give the stairs a try, with her harness.

I’m not convinced we have the right fit on her harness, as it twists a bit on her. She doesn’t seem fond of it – I think the twisting makes her short hairs poke her a bit. So she seems extra apprehensive when wearing it, which makes her apprehensive on the stairs. Her butt/back end comes out to the side, I’m not sure if she’s doing that on purpose to keep her balance, or if it’s part of her new weight distribution. Chloe just does not seem confident when faced with going down the stairs, and this morning she just didn’t want to do it at all. Then I feel stressed, and she feels stressed, and can you see where this is going? (Reminder: be more dog!)

I wish there was something more one piece/stretch in all directions/fitted to her body that served as a harness. I’ll keep looking, and maybe try to rig something up.

Good news, is that going up the stairs is a breeze. She’s very comfortable, very confident, and a little too fast.

Because of the stairs anxiety, she doesn’t want to be in her crate when we are gone. Which is an issue. Chloe & Jenson do not have the personality types for being out in the house on their own. J cleared the baby gate last week, ate some shoes (he never destroys unless he’s home alone & anxious), and used the potty in every room of the house. Crate training keeps them safe, and keeps us sane. So, I’m wondering if anyone has experience with dog pheromones? The doctor recommended giving those a try, but I should have asked more questions because I’m not sure where to start.

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  1. Hi Anita and Chloe….stairs can be tricky and stressful at first. I made Nitro wait for a couple months before letting him try, mostly cuz I was afraid. He’s also a front amp, and now he almost flies down them (which also stresses me out) – but always with someone by his side. What kind of harness do you have? If it seems to be poking at her short hair, how about a t-shirt under it? As for pheromone-type things, I use essential oils diffused (lavender) for anxiety. Not 100% sure it helps, but my house smells good! Good luck, and stairs will get easier as time goes on.

    Paula and Nitro

  2. Heyyyyy, just now catching up. Don’t worry, with practice you’ll both get the hang of those stairs. But remember, they are very steep (I’m guessing based on what you told me), and she’s as unsure as you are, nobody can blame ya.

    Try putting a t-shirt on under her harness to see if that helps keep it from slipping. I know exactly what you mean about finding a different solution, we’re constantly on the look for one. Haven’t found a mfr who’s come up with one yet though but we won’t give up.

    Pheromones: yes!!! Here ya go:

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