Surgery has been scheduled!

Chloe’s surgery has been scheduled. We are due to check her in to the vet at 7:15 am on Tuesday, February 16th. The day after her 6th birthday. The surgeon will perform the amputation, and Chloe will spend the night with them.

I’m taking off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from work. My husband has flexibility, so we’ll see how the week following her surgery goes – if she will go with him to work, or if he will stay home with her.


My current thoughts and concerns are:

How do we explain to our kids, so they know what to expect? I think they will easily accept that she will just look different, but it’s the “why” that I don’t know how to explain when they ask. And I am certain Jack (3 years old) will ask. I don’t think Ava (18 months) will ask questions (her language skills are limited) or really care – Chloe will still be able to kiss her lots which is what they both love the most.

How do we keep Jenson, our other boxer, happy and calm while Chloe is away? He gets very nervous, and damaged his crate trying to get out to look for her, last time we had them separated. A friend has suggested essential oils for his anxiety, which I may try out. Please comment with additional suggestions, if you have them!


I’m making a short shopping list: rugs with gripping bottoms for the kitchen and hallway, and an elevated food and water dish. We already have a nice memory foam dog bed from Costco, which I think should work nicely. Anything else I should think about getting?

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  1. I think essential oils are a great idea! I use them for my Westie who has anxiety over storms. Do you have/will you get a harness? The Ruffwear helped us a ton. Also, we had a t-shirt put on Nitro when we picked him up at the vet; I wasn’t ready to look at the incision, and I didn’t want to upset him with my uneasiness. Also, he wouldn’t eat for the first week after surgery – added stress for me. Maybe keep this in mind in case you need to entice Chloe to eat. Between my husband and myself we had 3 weeks off before we had to leave him alone…just took turns being off. Have you posted in the forums yet? Its a great place for others to chime in, or the chat room is a great place to connect with others too. Good luck on Tuesday, we’ll be thinking of you and Chloe.

    Paula and Nitro

    1. Thanks, Paula. The vet told us to wait on getting a harness, but we saw that brand linked so it’s in the back of my mind for sure. Chloe is very food motivated, but I’ll plan to have some “table food” prepared for her in case she needs something special to convince her to eat. The tshirt is a great idea. I’ll fit her in one this weekend to be safe.

  2. Cheap yoga mats are awesome. Easily movable and totally work and you can get them in a long length

    Plan on decreased appetite. I basically fed my dog rotisserie chicken for almost 2 weeks. The pain and pain meds will affect your dog’s appetite

    Don’t freak out if your dog doesn’t poop right away. It took mine a week

    The first few days are the worst but IT GETS BETTER!!!

    Buddy woke up a lot during the night, just needing reassurance.

    Reach out to us with questions, we’ve all be there and we are here to help

    I think your kiddos will be ok. there is a cute cartoon video out about a disabled child and tripawd dog. I’ll try to find it.

    The other pup. I have no advice. Sorry. BUT what I will say is that I stayed with a friend during Buddy’s pre/post operative period and her dogs definitely knew to give Buddy space. Not sure how to address the anxiety? Maybe benadryl??

    Good luck and keep us posted!

    We’ll be thinking of you and saying prayers for a fast recovery!

    Julie and Buddy

  3. We are parents of a new tripawd. February 3, jojo had his right front leg removed for cancer. (Still waiting on pathologists report). The hardest thing will be giving the meds. What i do is put the pills or capsule in a soft dog treat then put the treat in her bowl add a spoon full or two of moist food with gravy. Then let her eat it out of her bowl. Thats what we do for Jojo. Hope it works for you.
    We also have 2 other dogs in the house and they really don’t bother Jojo.
    The one thing we did have to do was to put the hard door at night in there doggie door so Jojo would not go outside by himself while we were sleeping.
    Every puppy is different you will have to find what works for you.
    Last thing is find a couple tee shirts that fit so she does not get dirt in the wound.
    St Francis always watches over the animals.

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