Today’s the day

Well, today’s the day.

My husband Joe dropped Chloe off at the vet this morning at 7:15. Surgery was scheduled for 9 am, they said it would last about an hour and a half – so they should be wrapping up very soon. I’m anticipating a call from them around lunch time. I’m so nervous, even though I know they are professionals and I know she’ll do great.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

It felt appropriate to snap a picture of the darn tumor that is giving our girl this adventure, so there it is. I’ve been calling it Hulk, due to the presence of that vein.



Jenson, relaxing and sleeping over the weekend. He’s handling Chloe’s absence very hard today. We have a baby monitor IP camera on him today and he’s just beside himself without her. I desperately wish I could have brought him with me to work today, but sadly he’s not allowed in my corporate office. I feel like he grows a few more grey hairs each time Chloe is away from him.



Our beautiful Bear, sleeping on her absolute favorite dog bed. We got this one at Costco a few months ago – it’s the first dog bed that she would actually use! It’s a nice memory foam base with a pillow top. The faux fur is a little over the top, but only the best for our dogs, right? 🙂



Chloe, another view, with the Hulk in view.



The yoga mats we purchased to use as rugs should be delivered this afternoon, and I think maybe the kids and I will decorate a t-shirt with some soft fabric paint tonight that Chloe can wear when she comes home. I’ve got a pretty flower stencil that I used to decorate a t-shirt for our daughter’s first birthday, I think that would be perfect for our girl.

I searched on Instagram yesterday for #tripawds and discovered a huge community there! Lots of inspirational dogs on the #tripawds and #tripawdsofinstagram hashtags – and lots of inspirational pet parents. I’m very grateful for the resources on this community and elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “Today’s the day”

  1. Oh my goodness, such sweet pups you have!! My Boston Terrier, Lucy had her surgery on Feb. 9….osteosarcoma in her left wrist. I know exactly how you feel. Tripawds has been such an amazing resource and comfort to me. The first 2 weeks are the hardest, but she will get better soon and you’ll see her adjusting and back to her sweet self soon. Take it day by day, it gets better! Hugs and prayers for your family!! Jill and Lucy

  2. Sending good thoughts for Chloe’s surgery this morning, and hope she is back home a.s.a.p. …… The start of this unwanted journey is scary for sure, but there are so many here that have been through the same thing and will help you through.
    Scatter rugs are definitely a great idea, and will be needed, so that is a good start.
    And you are so right, only the best for our pups !! 💜
    Thinking of you,
    Bonnie, Angel Polly, Pearl, and Zuzu

  3. Well “hulk”, you can kiss your lousy a*s goodbye!!! Today is the day Chloe is now going to get on with living life to the fullest pain free!!

    I love that you have a baby monitor so you can check on Jenson! That’ll come in so handy to check on Chloe duri g recovery too!

    I love their pictures! And clearly Chloe does, I deed, love her bed!! I think her soft “fur” cover is perfect for the Princess that she is!

    We’ll be looking for your update. And yes, she’s great hands!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Sending lots of healing thoughts to you and Chloe today! Hang in there Jensen she’ll be back soon!
    Linda, Ollie, Riley & Spirit Mighty Max

  5. I hope everything goes well for Chloe! Just take everything slowly when she gets home. It can be quite full on, but things get better. Sounds like you have everything organised for her, which is great!
    Hope she has a speedy recovery!
    Mel and Rams

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